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Author's Note: This is my first time playing with Dr. Who, and it's such a detailed universe I'm very worried that I missed something in my research. If I've made a glaring error, I would like to fix it, so please review and tell me off. I'm a big girl and I can take it.
Oh, and a plaster is British for a bandaid/bandage.

Doctor Who has sucked me in

I've got so many friends who are hurting lately. I feel like part of me is shut down. The only way to clamor out is the write, and i haven't written in far too long. Its easier to start in fanfic than original, so here goes...start of a short series, my first in the Whoniverse. Ultimate covering Tentoo in the parallen universe with Rose, and the end of days for Eleven. still WIP, and i desperate need a beta or feedback if anyone is listening.

So...Genetic algorithms:

On the beach of Bad Wolf Bay, fire sparked in her blood with that warm, golden kiss, but that sound woke her up from the dream. The sound of the Tardis leaving her, leaving them, forever.

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sale sale sale

in my recent efforts at shameless self promotion, I have neglected LJ. Sorry.

But if you've ever been the least bit curious about my books, bunches are on sale on Amazon for $1.19 each.

Go look!

Love you all!

Sanctuary season finale

I love this show. I love Amanda Tapping.

No, Nikola was not there, but I still adored the finale. And I have fic to explain why he wasn't there. And why he disappeared for 60 years. Why? Because he was with Magnus, waiting....

And may I say that Helen screaming at John and John looking like the lovesick idiot and Helen losing all respect for him...was brilliant. He tried to make it up with that last power thing, but I don't think she was impressed. She didn't even look back at him.

Christopher Heyerdahl is an amazing actor. And both versions of him are in jeopardy.

Twiddles thumbs and wants Season 4 now!


I'm here, just out of it.

I just want to wave to everyone, and say yes, I do read LJ, I just don't comment enough. Best of luck to everyone who is having problems. Much love and best wishes for all the pregnant people.

I'm afraid my Potter enthusiasm has been completely consumed by Sanctuary. It's not even that good a show most of the time. Unless Tesla's on.

I have finally succumbed to vampire-love. As long as that vampire is Nikola Tesla. I mean, I'm addicted to a tumblr of pictures of Jonathon Young, who is simply a brilliant actor and so damn sexy. I have written five tons of smutty fic for him (and Helen-Amanda Tapping).

But just look:

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All my new smut is up on ff.net, if anyone is interested.

Happy New Year!

Whether you already miss 2010 or are ready to kick it's ass and get on with 2011, Happy New Year!!!!

Free Erotica site and little ol' me

Remember that site I posted about that was looking for writers for stories under 2000 words?


They took one of mine, and I think they'd love yours. Yes, I'm talking to you...and you know who you are!
Quick drive by post, I just got this:

Every Night Erotica publishes a new short story every night, 365 days a year! To that end, we are looking for submissions from everyone - multiple times! Please pass the word along. We published our first story on May 1st 2010 and we have been very well received thus far.  Visit us at www.everynighterotica.com to read the latest publication.
We'll satisfy two markets:
Experienced or virgin writers are welcome to submit their own original erotic works using our online form.  We are happy to include a short bio of the writer, as long as one is provided as well as a link to your book for purchase. 
The readers visit each evening to enjoy the proffered erotic tale.  They may choose to sign up with us and we'll send each new sexy story discreetly to their inbox.  We're even going to archive past stories so they don't have to, that way they can come back multiple times to renew their favourites or rediscover something sexy from the past.
We hope you will decide to join us.  Please visit http://www.everynighterotica.com/submit-story/ to learn more about our Writing Guidelines, Submissions Process and Compensation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Go forth and submit!!!

My jumbled garden

Some dusk pictures of my jumbled, crazy backyard garden. Because it makes me happy!

View from under my Lady Banks arbor one direction
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